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  • Quote from saminal

    Good points made by slug, in my opinion. I do not cut anyone. We had 30 varsity and 17 middle school throwers last year. My daughter was a Senior and probably was effected. But I strongly believe in not cutting anyone that shows true interest. There are logistical challenges but I have found many ways around most. We had an all-american, 2 state titles, 5 state events and kids all the way to just getting into the pit. They are all equal. One of the most fun things was getting a girl to throw cartwheel technique 24 feet. That was a victory on many levels. Sorry I will get off box, where there is a will there is a way.

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  • Quote from shortstuff

    I was reading what I think were Monday's posts about That cheating sprinter and the relay medals. I apologize if my following statement has been posted already.

    I think the difference in taking away the medals of the relay team (which I think stinks, but is the way it should be, because there is no way to be certain the US relay team would have even placed had there not been a cheating member. I would like to note that I am not dogging the other members of the relay team here, just the Cheater)and taking away the medals of the entire US Olympic team, is that there is no "team" gold medal in track, there are medals for individual events, the relay being one of those events.

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  • Quote from jayess

    More young throwers equals more throwing supporters down the road. Football, baseball and basketball get a lot of support from people for no other reason that they remember having participated in them when they were young. More supporters produces more media coverage, which produces more money for the sport, which produces more successful throwers.

    Don't cut any kid, and let them learn to love it. You're planting seeds that will produce big results.

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    John Powell manages to keep more than 75 athletes busy all day for a week at his summer camp at Dennison University. The facility has only one discus/hammer circle and one shot circle.

    There is no need to cut throwers with efficiently run practices. Take a look at the "Contrarian Discus Technique" at DanJohn.org for some ideas on running large scale practices with minimal facilities.

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  • Quote from Viking

    For those that have their doubts,it's the American sports companies that rule the world of athletics and the drug testing scene.
    Mr ABG,i'd like you to tell me for which country other than the US would the following scenario be true (a scenario that has happened and was in the news of many countries except probably from the US): The flying doctors chasing a bunch of athletes from a certain country and them finding shelter inside a battleship of their own country being there for the sake of the "safety of the Olympic Games".And when showing their credentials and information that the requested athletes were on the ship the answer was "no information for people aboard is given and no entry is permitted".
    Well,the country in question is the US,the scene was the 2004 Olympics and the athletes were a pretty big portion of the US team (all the sprinters) ,the name of the battleship i don't know but it was in Creta island.
    A LOT of countries might have the right to say they're being screwed but NOT the US,the coinventors and pioneers of doping,now more than ever as evidenced by the recent medals.

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  • Quote from Chuck N.

    I love it when Viking posts. He's like the anti-Tomsonite.

    The US has covered up tons of positive tests over the years. Just ask Carl Lewis. Oops! Guess we don't talk about it when our own country does it. It's such a shame that that cheater Ben Johnson had to take the glory away from our clean athlete, Carl Lewis. I bet Carl thought Ben cheating was totally gay. Is USATF still trying to keep that one a secret too?


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