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    You are correct and it is the system that is flawe, not the athletes. With oso little to go around people are forced to make some tough decisions. Many are on that cusp and tradgically make these poor choices. If the governing bodies didn't posess such a stracle hold on sponsorship, athletes coudl go out in their respective areas and recruit private sponsorship dollars in order to help them amke a living at training and representing our great country. Why can't we have our uniforms covered by individual sponsorship patches like the Bass fisherman or athe golfers bags, shirts , and hats? Simple, our governing body gets percentages of the sponsoership dollars brought into the system and would have no control over that private sponsorship money that an individual athlete raises from cold calling prospective sponsors. Certainly the people that run our org need compensation bt it should be government dollars. At this point it is the admin working against the athlete and the athlete has no say in the matter. If we really want to see effective change it begins at the top.

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    Why wou anyone take being named publically personal? Mike , I have to tell you you brought u some old wounds to a person that walked away from the sport for several reasons but the biggest one was that he made the mistake of publically speaking out agaisnt the governing body. I you really are good at research I'd be willing to bet that the majority that have spoken out against the admin. have had varrying degrees of problems. Kamy was tested thirty eigth times over the course of three or four years. He was tested tweleve times in te years he was suspended. Yes they test the top more than the bottom but mostly they go after the outspoken. Yes he could have dominated. He was only 6'2" 240 lbs but has a 60 meter plus stand and was as flexible as could be. You would think he would have been very strong but you'd be wrong. Kamy walked away and went on with his life and never complained about what had happened to him. Barnes was much in the same boat. Outspoken , bigger than the sport in their eyes, and they got him. I know of many more sad cases and the result is the same. This is all about control whether you wish to believe it or not. When you hear someone profess their profound innocence on this site or the world stage, from what just happend with Jones, the only thing you know is that you don't know.

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    I'm sure there afew out there that believe that you anre NOT trying to stir anything up, I just don't happen to be one of them. Sometiimes a person hsa to speak up and inform the uninformed.There are some personal things between He and his father that made it easier to walk away besides, he makes more money in a day then you make in a year most likely. He has many businesses that he has put his efforts into, with the same type of competitive fire he used in his short comp career, to become a very sucessful businessman. Discus throwing obviously wasn't his life or he would have fought it. He was smart enough to understand what happens when you don't go along. I'm sure you will dazzle us woth your profundities of how you know exactley why things happen the way they do or did, but envy can motivate a perosn to do the things that may be burried deep inside. Maybe this would have been the best thing in your life if you would have attained it, but it wasn't that way for Kamy as he actually attained it.Mike, I will end by saying that you may be sincere in your inquiry, but your approach is such to create the "pissing match" that you have vowed to not to get involved in in more than one post.

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    Listen coach... im not one of these guys who gets off on creating crap on here, im really not. I was 100% sincere in my simple questining and using Kamy as an example, which i why i apologized initially to you remembering that you were from U of N.. I actually coldnt even remember where he went to school.. i actually thought it was UNLV..

    anyway, listen i hear everything you are saying, and you make some valid points.. I will ask you one more question, and this is definitely because i was told his father had pretty good money in the hotel business. If his dad had so much money in this business, why wouldnt he be able to at least make some kind of fight for his innocence after all he worked for as a thrower, and at 23..


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