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  • Quote from tomsonite

    I don't have anything more to add, but I figured it seems to me that everyone today has been reiterating what I originally said...everyone is different, and thus everyone must find their own balance between working on strength and technique to throw as far as they can. Both are important, and everyone needs to work on both to maximize their performance, but usually an individual will need to work on one more than the other. Its all about finding the balance between these two important factors.

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  • Quote from Mr.Incredible

    Thanks for all the feedback. I agree that as we get older it is more about quality workouts than quantity. Now if I have 12 good spins in the shot or discus and nothing is pulled or strained, it is a good day and I can come back to enjoy another workout in a couple of days.

    As far as my Quad scores, I have'nt done the test yet, but I am going to do it with my throwers after they get done with football this fall. Hopefully nothing pulls out of place.

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  • Quote from sowz

    From Australia.
    I use alot of over weight disc in my off season training. Last year i threw the 2.5kg for a few months, and did a personal best in season after a couple months of returning to the 2kg.
    This off season i am training with the 2.25kg disc and 4kg denfi tool.
    I will return to the 2kg in december when our summer starts :)

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  • Quote from w8coach

    I have to agree that the number of qualified coaches may not be enough to go around but it shouldn't stop an athlete from working on proper tech. from videos, other coahes,etc. You did miss the resume and I have enjoyed success in my coahing as well. I have had a dozen big Sky Conf Champs, Four all time record holders, Many NCAA qualifiers, All-Americans, NCAA Champ (3x's) NCAA All-Time Record holder, (5) 18 m + shot putters, 71.98 discus thrower, 63 m hammer, 19.50 #35 79 m jav. The work I'mmost proud of , being from a geographically isolated school is recruiting the 145-150 discus throwers and in one year they throw nearly 190, the 47' shot putter that throws 61 in two seasons. Being able to work with the athletes nobody would recruit and putting them on the map. It doesn't hurt to get a 66 m discus thrower and have him improve to almost 72 m in two years either. Those are the highlights.Yes 1984 4th TAC jav 81.38m and then a dozen ankle surgeries that led to a fusion and the end of a career in the first year I trained the event. My understand came too late for me as an athlete. I am very confident as to my coachingabilities. The point remains that weight lifting is important, but it's not the most important. Your turn. Spill your resume guts.

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