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  • Quote from Tony Ciarelli

    A friend of mine was at an estate sale and found a couple of the old frame by frame's that I used to have up on my wall when I was in high school, and I know that you semi old guys did the same. He knew I would be interested so he got the Randy Matson, Al Feuerbach, & Janis Lusis reels. Pretty cool.

    Tony Ciarelli
    Capo di tutti Capi

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  • Quote from Bud Rasmussen

    First off, I would like to express my sincere apology to those colleagues, competitors, and fans for our sub-par results that my training group produced this past week in Osaka. All I can say is we picked the worse possible time to have an "off" day and we are in the process of reviewing our performances so to be sure that we won't repeat them in the future. Perhaps what has been most difficult for us to come to terms with is that we had a great month of training leading up to the meet and had solid practices in recent days and solid throws in our warm-up reps both inside and outside the stadium on the meet days. This being my first major championship meet I really came to realize that the margin is very slim between those succeeding or failing to advance into the final. Plus once the final arrives it is wide open and anything and everything can happen (i.e. Tikhon and Alekna), which will definitely help to guide me in the future.

    -Bud Rasmussen

    PS: since so many people had voiced their concerns and opinions in the past few days I thought it would be best to offer some statistic information on each of my athletes so that you might better understand the whole picture of our 2007 season (which will be posted next). So please feel free to look over the information and email me directly with your thoughts at coach_bud@hotmail.com if you'd like. Otherwise I'd greatly appreciate it if you could stop bashing the athletes as they are truly striving to do their best and have worked extremely hard to achieve at their highest levels possible. Thanks.

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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    The point of my post yesterday was to stir the sauce, which I did, the gorilla did his thing and he just likes to rant and rant and have fun doing it. When people write about the wind and throwing far in it, and talk about stadium this and stadium that, it makes the Gorilla pound his chest, opens his mouth wide and you hear this loud sound of power come screaming out. The Gorilla's fans out the in Ring Land are cracking up right now reading this cause they know him...You probally don't. The Gorilla is a fan of the current USA Discus throwers and enjoys seeing their results, whether its in a stadium or outside, whether the wind is blowing or not. So Tomsonite, look into the mirror and rant on yourself! LOL

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