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  • Quote from Coach Herring

    Without being to "wordy" as we know it is easy to misconstrue written posts. I think I agree with your line of thinking (as I apply the cause and effect approach in my coaching) but disagree with there only being 1 excepted method or application of technique for all throwers. Which is fine, i think we all coach our way.

    In addition I am sure that my look at technique as well as my coaching style and philosophy differs from many successful coaches.

    Further more, I have no affiliation or allegiance to any one, other than my athletes, and would never go with the flow or follow the masses. Quite the contrary I like to think that I have developed a unique system to coach my throwers, even if I share technical beliefs of others on this site.

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    I agree with you that there is more than just one way to do things but there are also better ways to accomplich the same objective. It is my firm belief that creating free flowing , non-oppositional movements by complete motions throught stretch reflex are the most efficient way to maximize human performance. It would take a very educated, strong argument for me to change this way of thinking we are all effected by gravity in the same way.

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    Point taken ,respectfully. It is a mistake to assign a name of an athlete with a technical point as we are treading on sacred ground. We all have had athletes that other coaches would have loved to have had on their teams and have offered their opions about ,free of charge. My approach here has been to identify tech points I feel very strongly about and made the mistake of using names as a reference and I understand the the harm done in such an act. Although, I still think it in our best interests , collectively, to pursue tech improvements, using the best throwers as examples, good or bad, to analyze technique. I'm not soliciting a job at coaching the throwers I've used as examples, rather to analyze their tech to in order to point out that even the best may not have been firing on all cylinders. I have never in my career, purosely gone to an athlete of any caliber , at a meet, pracice or social gathering and deliberately tried to undermine his or her coach. That's truely unethical and isn't the place of anyone but the athlete's coach. The forum is round table discussions and internet blogs where we share our technical discoveries.

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    I knew a USSr hammer coach who told many times that he east german and soviet athletes and coaches would tell one another lies and keep their secretes from each other as well as to western coaches. He told me how his athletes would stop their normal training when being observed and just throw as there was plenty of cineclips of them throwing.
    He made the technique sound simple and talked about accumulating the physical and technical aspects over time.

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  • Quote from CoachW

    I got a new coaching job and the AD doesnt allow throwing real hammers onto the field that is shared with football. They can throw chain hammers. If anyone uses these a lot please let me know what you do to change the weight/length, etc. I've got 5 weeks and am a bit worried. Should I be buying a lot of chain and wires?

    Scott Weiser
    Throws Coach
    Kutztown University

    published at Aug 25th 2007 8:19am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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