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    Comming from someone who competed in the NAIA a few years ago its hard to know from year to year what the competition is going to be. When I was a freshmen there were a couple of guys who could have placed at DI nationals and by the time I was a senior the top marks in the shot were not above the mid 53 ft for the national champion. It seems that for the most part the top athletes in the NAIA are much older or are foreign and transfer after a year or two. Also I'm a Lindenwood almni and I'm wondering about there throws coach Richard Cochran. I know he is a former olympian and I've heard he's a great coach from a few people but I couldent help but notice LU's top thrower this year hasen't improved much since he arrived at LU from a DI program. Also is Eric Flores going to stay at Black Hills? And one last thing Coach Weiser I noticed you had three very good freshmen hammer throwers at Wayland Baptist are they going to stay now that your not going to be back? Also good luck finding another coaching position.

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    Well, like I said, from the looks of conversations on this forum it seems that the NCAA rules the roost here. Also, for as much hammer talk as there is on this forum, I can see there are not many discus throwers watching NAIA discus here either. In the women's discus for instance the top three girls where all undergreaduate age throwers and coming back for another run at top spot next year. I threw the discus and shot at the NAIA nationals meet and there were several impressive athletes there. But some are right, the competition varies by the year....but I think that is where the excitment lies.
    In the NCAA you can pretty much count on the competition year after year. There is always a crap load of great athletes. Rarely and underdog athlete.(Someone who seemingly shouldn't be there) Seems a little boring to me. This summer I look forward to the lifting and the plyos because I don't know who I will throw against in national next season. But...may be I am just that kind of a thrower.

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    Technically you should gain...but I guess it depends on a few variables...Good point about the next throw will be farther stuff. By the way, I mentioned something a few days ago about Mitchell Pope and his lipper during NCAAs. I was going to start a debate on who's the greatest "dipper" of all time, but I figured you would be delcared the winner by way of a no contest so I didn't even bother.

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