David Storl (Germany) | news & notes

  • OK, just saw some of the Storhl training footage(not sure when that was posted/how old it is). Honestly, I can move that weight (approx. 900lb) with a full ROM (knees through my chest) on that same press machine much faster and for more repetitions, as I am sure many throwers can. I might even incorporate these on a speed day...same weight for speed. Sure its a lot of weight, but there are many people out there that can do more, faster, and with full ROM, then drop the feet down to the edge and do 15 calf raises for each set, lol...that's my routine when I do these.

    All the LP machine does is isolate the leg muscles and glutes, takes the back and balance out of a free squat...balance and proprioceptic stabilizers are necessary for what we do, so I'd rate the exercise itself about a 65/100 for a thrower, but sure, you can show off moving more weight. Hell, take a PL stance and hit a big below-parallel squat for bragging rights.

    As for the 3.8s 30m, this would indicate a 4.9-5.1sec 40time. Many NFL lineman are faster(and weigh more than 120kg). 300+lb NFL linemen running 4.6-4.7s, on average, are not uncommon. Heck, at 260lb in college, as a middle linebacker,I ran a 4.75s 40m from a stand. Now for throwers, HILL SPRINTS are where it's at...very direct correlation to the drive leg coming through to the power stance. Burst sprints on flat ground, though, I'd rate that exercise a 70/100 for throwers.

    This must be some off-kilter training for him, because these are certainly not good indicators of a 22m shot thrower. I'm sure this was just some off stuff he posted.

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