Food/ Nutrition

  • @Justin RODHE and I just took an average over Nov, Dec and Jan of how much we spend on food each month to sustain our training schedules…..$1200 per month. A couple qualifiers:We live in Canada so the cost of food is slightly higher than the USA

    We buy 30-50% of our food organic, locally sourced when possible

    Eat out at a restaurant on average 4 times per month (this will increase when travelling for camps or competitions).
    We both value high quality nutrition and think of it as an investment in our performances and our ability to maintain a rigorous training schedule. Optimal nutrition has been especially important throughout Justin's injury rehabilitation. Our favourite and most essential kitchen appliance has become our Blendtec blender. It allows us to pack nutrients in a cup of liquid that is easily eaten and tastes delicious. Sure beats trying to chew through 10 plates of salads and veggies everyday :) Optimal nutrition takes discipline and effort, but it is the FUEL that makes or breaks you (athlete or not).

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