• Greetings Throwers,

    Couple of days back we posted on Facebook that we were adding to the world of Throwholics. Now it's time to show you what's up.

    SOCIAL.THROWHOLICS is up and running and would love for you to stop by for a look, and drop a few posts for if you'd like.


    With all the posting and discussion on our Facebook page and we wanted to organize and sort the mountains of content being produced. To that end, and others, we're building a page to offer discussion boards, a chat room, group chats to begin with. All with one search box to allow you all to find the info you need with a few keystrokes across the Throwholics platform.

    The social forum has the following functions:

    • Creating threads and posts on throwing related topics in the respective forums
    • Using The Ring chat room on top of the page
    • Having private conversations with one or multiple folks
    • One can follow other users to check their activities
    • One can like content, such as threads and posts
    • Getting in contact with highly respected throwers and coaches
    • Separated "Private Room/Forum" for the high rollers such as top elite throwers and highly respected coaches
    • The user can also change the style of the SOCIAL.THROWHOLICS to the event they want (Multi, Discus, Hammer, Javelin and Shot Put). You only have to go to the bottom of the page and hit: Change Style and select the one you like most!

    Withing the next couple of weeks there will be a lot more functions added (More surprises for you guys)
    Taking part in the largest, yet most close-knit and multi-national throwing community in the world.
    You want to take an active part in the community? <---

    There are three options to register:

    The two fastest and most userfriendliest ones:

    Facebook Login
    Twitter Login
    And of course a regular registration:


    the registration took place you can actively take part in the biggest throwing related community in the world. Anyone (anonymously or otherwise) can make use of The Ring chat function but they cannot actively take part and reply in the Discussion Boards.

    *note: Because of the international nature of the Throwholics community one may need to use an online translator to read/ reply in some

    Have fun.

    If you have any questions upfront please have a look at our "Frequently Asked Questions"

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