JAVELIN KUORTANE 2012 Kari IHALAINEN Session Specific conditioning.m4v


Kari IHALAINEN is well known in the javelin World . 1st as a thrower (87,04m in 1983) then as a successful national javelin coach for Finland (15 years !) then for USA Arizona and now South Korea. His presentations on Javelin throw technique and conditioning at the 2nd Javelin World Conference in Kuortane 2012 were excellent and full of interesting informations. This video is a summary of the practical session on specific conditioning drills and is more than a complement of the similar session presented by Jan ZELEZNY and Tero PITKAMAKI .After watching these videos you will have NO excuse if you don't know what to do to prepare and improve javelin throwers. And if you are still thinking about working mostly on heavy squats , bench press , cleans , snatch and dead lift , you better look for another job than javelin coach !