JAVELIN SESSION 1 ZELEZNY / PITKAMAKI Technical drills KUORTANE Javelin Conference 2012.m4v


Many of the World most famous javelin throwers and coaches were attending this 2nd World javelin Conference in KUORTANE (Finland) from 7 to 9 Nov 2012. One of the highlights was the practical session presented by Jan ZELEZNY with help of Tero PITKAMAKI on Javelin specific technical and conditioning drills. All really looks so simple when it is explained and demonstrated by such great names of the event ! Anyways , if you are a javelinholic , it could be a really good idea to try to come to the World javelin conference n* 3 , in 2 years of time and use the opportunity to have a better look at FINLAND marvelous scenery of lakes and forests and enjoy the Finnish hospitality and way of life in the process. The Kuortane sport center is just superb and provides all the best indoor and outdoor facilities and accommodation.This video about technical drills is part 1 out of 2.DP