Tero Pitkamaki training with Jan Zelezny - part II


A personal note from Miklos Nemeth on Tero Pitkamaki's training session:
Tero seemed to be in a crisis last year... both technically and mentally, and he was lacking confidence. After the season ended he and his coach found a solution: Tero joined Jan Zelezny's team, and it was a very good decision.
Jan's job became tough as well, since he has to train a former world champion, so the expectations are high.
Tero is in a phenomenal physical shape right now and mentally he is very hungry for success especially because of the 2012 Olympics and since the European Championships will be held in Helsinki.
Tero's run-up and throwing motion has become tense - perhaps because of the pressure he is in or maybe because of the weight training he has done. In javelin throw it is difficult to keep the right proportions between result-oriented weight training and the very fine details of technical training.
To solve all that Jan thinks they have to do a step-by-step approach - changing Tero's training sessions by focusing on the run-up and the rhythm of his strides more to get into a better position before the throw. This also means building up the harmony of small technical things.
Such a huge change in training and technique will take time and Tero will also need to adopt. However, their practice sessions are going well and you can feel the harmony between them. If they keep this up big throws will come.
I keep my fingers crossed for them.
-Miklos Nemeth-
Tero Pitkämäki training with Jan Železný in a training camp in Potchefstroom, South Africa early 2012.
Watch the first part here: youtu.be/u3oQsrRs984
Miklós Németh, founder of Nemeth Javelins, visited the training camp and introduced the new Aluminum-Carbon composite Nemeth javelins to the athletes and coaches.
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