Howe Tucson Elite 78.41m


HOLY SHITE MONKEY. Crossing/Headwind weirdness. Went 70 plus first two throws (missing the second throw in video) Pr'ing with a 20+ year old, rebuilt Nordic 90m Airglider. Switched up the jab and was really feeling it, used four and five to see where I was at 99% speed and 80% speed, found that sweet spot around 90% effort and just lit it up.
I was keying left shoulder down, right hip up, both feet landing simultaneously (just trying to, you can see how dramatically that didn't happen lol) as well as trying to be tall and not lose my point. I think every throw is 70+ if I don't lose the tip.
The first one went 72.60 basically tail straight down then tip straight down.
Im totally pumped out of my freaking mind right now
Glorify Him
Also it was stupid awesome throwing with several Olympians and other great javelin throwers, TIm Glover, Sean Furey, Corey White, and Craig Kinsley