Mason Finley - State Discus 2009


Mason Finley breaks records and takes first, 3rd year in a row on May 14, 2009 at Jeffco Stadium, this year being his last as a senior at Buena Vista High School. With his 236'6 National Record, Mason throws 214'1 at State being the State Meet Record. All six of his throws are shown, however, i only posted the top two of the day, the rest were between 209-211 feet. After the finals, Mason was accompanied by two bodyguards as the press chased after. The song is: "Don't Stop" by Journey, one of Mason's favorites, enjoy...and i will not be getting any filmage of the shot put going on May 15th, if you happen to get it on video, make a response to this video. Thanks for watching--as Mason would say.
I only wrote the description like this so it'd be formal, usually i would just write, YEAH MASE but unfortunately, people want more than that in this case. I love mason and will miss him greatly when he goes to KU, oh well, there is always vacations. :]