LONDON 2012 DISCUS Women Final


The Croatian Sandra PERKOVIC took the lead of the competition in the 2nd round with 68,11m and was out of reach of all the other competitors , improving her PB with 69,11m in the 3rd round for a clear win. She had also a much better control of her technique and trajectories than the other throwers. The 2nd was finally the Russian Darya PISCHALNIKOVA with 67,56m in the 5th round taking the silver medal from the Chinese LI Yanfeng who had only one good throw with 67,22m in the 2nd. The German and reigning world champion Nadine MULLER tried hard but could not get further than 65,94m to finish only 5th behind the solid Cubain BARRIOS 66,38m. She was indeed looking a bit nervous and could not obviously make the best use of her long arms and long legs. The French Mélina ROBERT MICHON was again in a World top 8 final and had her best international result to finish 6th with 63,98m when the former Olympic champion Stephanie BROWN TRAFTON got the 8th place with 63,01m after the Indian Krishna POONIA got a 63,62m in the 5th round to finish 7th. Australian Dani SAMUELS , the Berlin world champion was certainly disappointed with 60,40m and the 12th and last place of the final .