OG 2012 SHOT PUT Men final


This was probably one of the best world shot put competitions since the famous SEOUL Olympics.With a top 12 qualification at 20,25m, top 8 at 20,69m and top 3 at 21,23m ! It was also a double fight : Gliders versus Spinners and Europeans versus Americans. The American spinners CANTWELL , HOFFA and WHITING were leading the world rankings and logic favorites but somehow they were not able to confirm this position and they had to satisfy with only a bronze medal for Reese HOFFA . They all seems not to use enough their legs lifting power in their spinning techniques and rely too much on their very strong upper bodies . The 2 gliders MAJEWSKI and STORL clearly dominated the event with MAJEWSKI calm and confidence taking finally over his younger German rival impetuosity. Indeed , after trying to kill the competition with his 1st 2 throws 21,84m and 21,86m, David STORL was trying too hard and going faster than he can technically manage in his last attempts when the Pole took the lead by only 1cm (21,87m) in the 3rd round ! By retaining his BEIJING title Tomasz MAJEWSKI made history . He was certainly the best thrower of the day and even managed a 21,89m in the last round when the title was already in his pocket ! For me the best spinning technique was to credit German LAURO from Argentina (6th with 20,84m) . The Canadian ARMSTRONG (20,93m 5th) was afflicted by the same problems than the US throwers . The Serbian KOLASINAC (7th 20,79m) was looking quite good . The Bielorussian Pavel LYZHYN (8th 20,69m) was certainly happy to make the top 8 at this level. The Taipeh Chinese Ming-Huang CHANG (11th 19,99m) could be the thrower to watch in the future. He has the potential to gain 2m in technique and strength.