SHOT PUT Jacko GILL 20,01m 7,26kg World rec 23-04-2011 Auckland.m4v


World junior shot put champion Jacko GILL has made history again in the shot put . After being the youngest ever world junior champion at age 15 and 7 months and 20,76m with 6kg , then throwing a world youth record with the 5kg at 23,86m 5 months later. He is now 9 months only after his world title , the 1st 16 and 17 years old to throw the senior 7kg implement officially over 20m . With 19,98m and 20,01m at 16y and 4 months and a body weight of only 96kg he is probably now the most incredible young thrower the world has ever seen with a technique and training based on speed and reactive strength. Jacko has also achieved the Daegu World senior champs B qualification ... but so far cannot compete there because he is ... too young ! If he would be a sprinter or a jumper , he would be eligible , but throwers are not for some mysterious and stupid reasons (????) Hopefully the NZ federation will ask the IAAF for a possible exemption . The world championship should be open to the best athletes whatever their age . Anyways Jacko is already looking toward London 2012 and who knows what can happen with 16 more months to go !!!