Marie-Therese Obst #Javelin thrower | Breaking 60m after 7 Long years. | + INTERVIEW


Breaking that 60m barrier 2x in a row💫and this time on home turf! I’ve been waiting 7️⃣ very long & painful years for this comeback, so this means the world to me. I’m proud of myself for never giving up on my dreams and goals in this sport that I’ve finally learned to love again! Injuries are no joke, man. Not only do they hurt physically, but they can really fu** with ur mental health as well. I’m super grateful for everyone who’s been supporting me these past years, who never gave up on me, & who kept motivating me especially on days when all I wanted to do was cry and break that damn javelin in two (been a few of those)🙃we’re not done yet, but for today I’m sending allll the love❤️