Andreas Hofmann 89.82 vs 80.94m (throws comparison)

@gregthrows Double-trouble!Here you can see two throws from @hofmannandreas - 89.82m and 80.94m.World class athletes elicit techniques that show minute changes between throws yet still large differences in distances can be found. Thus, highlighting the complexity and level of skill required to become and remain an elite athlete.To notice such minute changes requires a coach with an excellent eye, can you tell which throw is which?Biomechanics of the 89m throw.Rear foot contact to release was 45ms faster.Length of pull was 4.9cm longer.Delivery stride distance was 14.2cm longer.Release angle was 1.78° lower.Shoulder velocity was 0.2m per second faster.Wrist velocity was 0.93m per second faster.Distance from the line, 53cm further back.#javelin #javelinthrower #trackandfield #thrower #throwersunite #jabalina #keihäs #spearwurfen #gameofthrows #diamondleague #bhamDL @throwingintheworld @real_throwersunite @thethrowerfam @javelin.anatomy @throwholics@thegameofthrows @globalthrowing