Olympic Discus Thrower Jason Young Single Arm Snatch 198lb/90k with ease


Olympian, Discus thrower, Jason Young does 90k or 198lbs in the Single Arm Snatch with ease.
personal best in 2005 of 225lb (hi8 video conversion needed for you haters...lmao at silly folks!)
other pb's
190k power clean
Bench press/ touch and go/235k (no more bench, pec tear)
Back Jerk 205k
Deep back Squat No No No 290k
Deep Front Squat 230k
22 inch Box Squat power style 370k X 3 (belt, knee wraps)
Hang Snatch 145k
Vertical Jump @ 280lb 37.5" @ 265lb 41"
Standing Long Jump 11'3"
Standing Triple Hop 34'2"
Standing 6 Hop 67'5"
20m 2.65sec