OG 2012 HAMMER Men Final


The World hammer competitions are looking very much the same since some years . The level of performances is relatively constant ...and at the end it is always a Hungarian thrower who wins ! Since the German have almost disappeared and the Russian are far down from their former glory and hegemony , Hungary is the leading country in the hammer world. This time it was the day of Krisztian PARS who took the lead in the 1st round with 79,14m and was the only thrower to get over the 80m line with 80,59m in the 3rd attempt. Primo KOZMUS , from Slovenia, had to satisfy with the Silver medal and 79,36m and the 3rd place was for the Athens Olympic champion Koji MUROFUSHI 78,71m who made a successful come back to win another olympic medal. You had to throw 75,84m to make the top 8 and Italian veteran left hander VIZZONI (finally 76,07m) was certainly happy to make another world final. It will certainly not be a competition to make history in the hammer fans memories (out of the Hungarian supporters of course ! ) and we are still waiting for something to happen in this event and new faces to appear and challenge the "old guard" PARS , KOZMUS , MUROFUSHI , ZIOLKOWSKI and co ( 9 of the 12 have over 30y !)