OG 2012 HAMMER Women final


This was certainly one of the best ever hammer women competitions. 10 of the last 12 could seriously believe in their chance to win. It was finally the Russian Tatyana LISENKO who got the "jack pot" after taking the lead in the 1st round with 77,56m and improving to 78,18m in the 5th to keep 58cm on the last attack of Anita WLODARCZYK. But the competition was spoiled by a measuring error happening in the 5th round to Betty HEIDLER when her throw landing well further than the 75m line was given only 72,13m after a long wait . Betty did not accept it and there was a lot of time lost in discussions and the usual officials'chefs ballet. The competition started again after a long interruption . Heidler was first given a replacement throw (how can you "replace" such a good throw ?) but at the end maintained her protest and did not want to leave the field. She was right to do that and the palabers lasted a long time even after the competition was finished with officials measuring and remeasuring (during all this time no explanation was given to the public by the speakers !!!) . At the end the German's performance was reinstated to 77,13m (even this announcement was wrong with the official distance being finally 77,12m !!!) and Betty got her bronze medal. Human error , mechanical error ? This should not happen at this competition level anyways ! and we have been very close to an historic scandal . The Chinese ZHANG must not have been very happy to celebrate a Bronze medal and then lose it in these suspicious conditions. Anyways one can be satisfied that it was possible to correct the mistake but without this Betty would have possibly been in a much better state of mind in the last round and try for an even better result. You had to beat 73,06m to make the top 8 final (final top 8 74,06m)