Remy Conatser NEW JC American Hammer Record

While throwers of all sizes (large and very large) were enjoying Cal State Fullerton's Annual "Hotdogs and Hammer" competition--where throwers try to throw farther in meters than the amount of kilograms of hotdogs they just ingested (or continue to add to while competing), Remy had a different plan . . .

No, while these throwers were channeling their inner "Kobayashi" and managing to not spew hotdog while merrily spinning with the hammer, Remy prepared to "unleash the pain" on the "very expensive, but always a good time" NISHI implement he held in his grip.

And unleash the pain it did . . .as it went right into the cage! Just kidding--that didn't happen. Instead, through a combination of technique, hotdog-powered energy, and "NIshi Madness" Remy broke the Junior College American Hammer Record by several feet--sending his implement all the way out to 65.76m (in other words, 215-09)!

Congrats Remy on a great day! Keep up the good work!